17) Elvis Presley – “A Big Hunk o’ Love”

 “A Big Hunk o’ Love” hasn’t really persisted as part of the Elvis Canon, at least not to the degree that previous #1’s such as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Love Me Tender” and “Jailhouse Rock” or the trio of 1960 chart toppers to be discussed have.  It’s a pretty standard rockabilly-blues number, the type Presley had cut while at Sun Studio a few years earlier.  It’s suprisingly raw, with a clattering piano and unhinged vocal more reminicent of Jerry Lee Lewis’s pre-Myra Gale Brown singles of 1957-58 than with Presley’s contemporaneous hits.  “A Big Hunk o’ Love” is a barn burner while playing, but its energy is the only real memorable thing about it.  Still, it’s a tribute to Presley’s musical charisma and the thrilling distinctiveness of this “real” rock and roll that even an average Elvis single is more exciting than most of the hits sharing space on the charts. 7

Hit #1 on August 10, 1959; total of 2 weeks at #1
17 of 963 #1’s reviewed; 1.77% through the Hot 100

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  1. Action Man

    Unfortunately the arrival of the Hot 100 was too late to capture Elvis’s initial success as a charting artist.

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