23) Frankie Avalon – “Why”


With the beginning of 2009 in the real world comes the close of the ’50s on No Hard Chords.  And so the decade ends not with a bang, but with a wimp: Frankie Avalon scores his second #1 of the year with a tune even sappier than “Venus,” one so corny and syrupy that Karo practically drips off it: “I think you’re awfully sweet/Why? Because I love you/You say I’m your special treat/Why? Because you love me.”  If that hasn’t triggered your gag reflex, then you either have a stronger stomach than me or you haven’t heard the tinkly, cutesy production.  The nadir of the song is the part featuring an anonymous female voice cooing back the first verse (“I’ll never let you go/Why? Because I love you”), with Avalon interjecting “Yes, I love you!” and “Yes, you love me!”  It feels a little cruel to pick on Avalon, a talented guy who understood the value of marketing himself to the teenybopper segment.  But no one saddled with such a toothless song and a smothering production can escape unscathed. 2

Hit #1 on December 28, 1959; total of 1 week at #1
23 of 963 #1’s reviewed; 2.39% through the Hot 100

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One response to “23) Frankie Avalon – “Why”

  1. GeorgeL

    This was the first #1 of the 60s. Things were not starting off well. This is just a horrible, horrible song. I mean “Venus” as silly as it was, was a pretty solid song, but this one… And that creepy woman’s voice that shows up near the end really clinches it. Was that his mother singing? Another prospect for my “Worst #1s of the 60s List”. Ugh! This song makes “Bobby Sox to Stockings” sound like “Smoke on the Water”!

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