28) Elvis Presley – “Stuck On You”

“Stuck On You” was Elvis’s comeback hit after his two-year stint in the U.S. Army, although RCA had continued to release singles while he served overseas.  “Stuck On You” rocks, but it’s a little slicker and less boisterous than his previous #1, “A Big Hunk o’ Love.”  Not that army life necessarily tamed him – Presley had already been alternating rockers with softer tracks like “Love Me Tender” since his career began, which helped him cross over to the mainstream so successfully.  “Stuck On You” isn’t a ballad like “Love Me Tender,” though.  It’s actually strikingly similar to 1957’s “All Shook Up,” with its moderate tempo, piano-based arrangement and chorus hinging on the use of a dramatic pause.  But “Stuck On You” is just slightly slower, and the piano’s a little more restrained.  Still, even given a relatively laidback number, Elvis mops the floor with the Mark Dinnings and Frankie Avalons who had topped the charts during his absence.  “Stuck On You” may not be one of Elvis’s top-shelf songs, but it was enough to prove to any skeptics that he still had it. 7

Hit #1 on April 25, 1960; total of 4 weeks at #1
28 of 963 #1’s reviewed; 2.91% through the Hot 100

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  1. Action Man

    Pretty unremarkable compared to other Elvis songs, but it definitely keeps the listener grooving.

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