36) Connie Francis – “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own”

 Unfortunately, most of Connie Francis’s best songs never topped the Hot 100.  Sure, “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” was cute, but I’d much rather write about “Who’s Sorry Now?” or “Stupid Cupid.”  “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” is a solid chart entry, but there’s not much really memorable about it.  It’s a slow, faux-country mope, so thick and sticky that it feels like a hot, humid evening in August.  Connie’s double-tracked vocal, the drums, the instruments, are all so heavy that it’s almost oppressive.  The production matches the lyrics – Francis yearning to leave a relationship but unable to break away – but it also makes the song lack the pep of her previous chart-topping rumination on the cruelty of love.  While Francis is inarguably one of the great female singers of the rock and roll era, her voice’s naturally languid quality is the main element weighing the song down.  Perhaps Brenda Lee’s would have been a better choice.  Lee’s clear, strong voice could could slice through the haze, with her permanent sob adding the missing emotional note.  Still, the right singer can only do so much to improve a merely passable song. 5

Hit #1 on September 26, 1960; total of 2 weeks at #1
36 of 964 #1’s reviewed; 3.73% through the Hot 100



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2 responses to “36) Connie Francis – “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own”

  1. GeorgeL

    Poor Connie. She was very talented but she kept recording weepers like this. I wish she could have found a producer who could have really brought out the best in her voice.

  2. Salvatore Presti

    The best of her voice can be found o n her LPs. Very, very talented! MGM was more interested in making money and her singles did just that.

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