50) Ernie K-Doe – “Mother-in-Law”

How to defend a song that’s essentially an extended mother-in-law joke? It helps if the lyrics are actually pretty clever:  “She thinks her advice is the Constitution,” grumbles K-Doe, “but if she would leave, that would be the solution.” “Mother-in-Law” was the first major success by R&B legend Allen Toussaint, and if you go by chart rankings (as we do here), it was also his biggest hit.  But Toussaint wasn’t just a songwriter; he was (and still is) a producer too, and a piano player in the tradition of New Orleans greats Professor Longhair and Huey “Piano” Smith.  And despite K-Doe’s flamboyant personality, the song is covered in Toussaint’s fingerprints – the second line rhythms, the blast of horns and above all, the syncopated piano that’s the backbone of the song’s indelible funkiness.  The contrasting vocals, ping-ponging between K-Doe’s whiny drawl and Benny Spellman’s cavernous bass, is the song’s ace up the sleeve, one so effective that Toussaint would recycle it for K-Doe’s 1962 single, “A Certain Girl.”   I’m still a little disappointed that this is how Toussaint is commemorated in the Hot 100 (not “Working in a Coalmine”? “Brickyard Blues”? Anything with Irma Thomas but especially the transcendent “Ruler of My Heart”?), but it has everything an iconic Toussaint song should have: understated swagger, an interlocking puzzle of ragtag sounds, and that unrelentingly funky piano. 8

Liner Notes

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Hit #1 on May 22, 1961; total of 1 week at #1
50 of 969 #1’s reviewed; 5.16% through the Hot 100


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2 responses to “50) Ernie K-Doe – “Mother-in-Law”

  1. Eddie George

    I can ” feel the love ” from one cajun to another.

    Another ” one hit wonder ” .


  2. GeorgeL

    This is a great record! Allan Toussaint was great. AT wrote & recorded the original version of “Southern Nights” before it was absolutely ruined by Glen Campbell. Toussaint made a great string of hits with Lee Dorsey.

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