95) The Tymes – “So Much in Love”

In a post-Four Seasons world, where Motown artists regularly topped the charts, there wasn’t really a need for doo-wop anymore.  Yet the genre had one last gasp with The Tymes and “So Much in Love,” a completely straightforward, completely forgettable single.  “So Much in Love” returns doo-wop to its roots by going almost completely a capella – there’s nothing there but layers of vocals, finger snaps and seagull sound effects.  The simplicity is refreshing, but it makes the record extra-dependent on clever lyrics or a catchy melody, neither of which is present here.  Much like a beachside walk, it’s pleasant while it lasts – just don’t expect to remember it after the tide’s washed your footprints away. 5

Hit #1 on August 2, 1963; total of 1 week at #1
95 of 976 #1’s reviewed; 9.73% through the Hot 100


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6 responses to “95) The Tymes – “So Much in Love”

  1. patfromlogan

    what a load! this was my favorite song when it came out and it still makes me yearn for Julie Bowen, tall blond beautiful… Then she went out with an 8th grader!!!

  2. ed

    agreed about the initial review being a “load”; I doubt that reviewer was a teen or near teen when the song came out; if you were growing up when this was released, you loved it; it spoke of the young love I was feeling at the time. I enjoy hearing it to this day!

  3. wichita lineman

    “So in love are we two that we don’t know what to do” set to little more than a double bass heartbeat and seagulls has always struck me as the acme of teen simplicity. I agree it’s a distance from Motown; it’s much closer to some of the contemporary girl group hits (and flops, like Bernadette Carroll’s He’s Just A Playboy). Think of Shirley Alston on lead and it sounds less of an anachronism, more a foretelling of the Shangri La’s.

  4. Anonymous

    So where are the chords? 🙂

  5. GeorgeL

    I must very respectfully disagree here with your 5. This is a fantastic record to my ears. I think of it as a kind of missing link between doo wop & Motown. The Tymes did another cool song called “I’ll Find My Love Somewhere” which was based on a classical piece. They actually recorded into the 70s & had a comeback hit in 74 with “Trustmaker”.

  6. GeorgeL

    Art Garfunkel did a very good remake of this song.

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